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About The Northern Light

The Northern Light can only be seen after nightfall. It acts like dancing curtains of needles or tall light profiles over the night sky. Sometimes it is just a calm stripe of light seemingly resting on the sky. The colour varies in shades of green, purple and white. Sometimes it only lasts for a couple of minutes, and others up to half an hour. If you're really lucky, it can last all through the night.
The Northern Light in combination with the spectacular scenery of the Lofoten nature with it's steep snow covered mountain peaks in contrast to the sea all around is something you can capture on a Lofoten Photo Tour. We monitor the Aurora Borealis forecast, and will at all times bring you to the locations where it is most likely that the Northern Light will appear.
Unfortunately there is no guarantee that the Aurora will show herself, however our experience is that moments during the evening or night it will be possible to get a glimpse.
A clouded sky can also make the search for Northern light a bit difficult. The experience is, however, also here that during the night there will be cracks in the cloud covered sky, revealing the Northern Light for short periods of time. This means that there is usually a good chance to capture it with your camera.
If required Lofoten Photo Tours experienced guide will happily give technical instructions in order for you to get the best possible result of your Northern Light photography.
When going on a Northern Light Photo tour, it is a great advantage not to be too many participants. Therefore there is a limitation on four-six people on our tours. Larger groups is possible, but you need to send a special request.

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